• Hapel Mascolo - In the past, called " New Chapel , "was named after a male fraternity (Mascolo) .
  • Porta dei Fiori - or door flowers are decorated with reliefs from the 13th the century.
  • North Passage - Gallery leading to the museum offers visitors a great view of the mosaic.

North Passage
  • Dome of the Spirits - Displays the apostles in contact with flaming tongues is decorated in the 12th century. 
Dome of the Spirits
  • The mosaics in the lobby - in dazzling the Dome of Genesis creation is shown in concentric circles. In this part of God created fish and birds.
The Dome of Genesis
  • Pillars - Pillars of the inner façade are considered to be the remains of the first Basilica.

  • Baptisteri - Called as Chiesa dei Putti ( Church cerubinas ).
  • The altar of the Virgin - Karst icon Madonna from Nikopea the 10th century, which came from the spoils of war 1204th year.                         
                             Madonna from Nikopea         
  • The dome of St. Petra - Relief on the wall is the altar on which St.. Peter and procurators who worship him. 
The dome of St. Peter
  • Pala d'Oro - magnificent altarpiece by the 10th century created a medieval goldsmiths, made ​​up of 250 panels like this, and each is decorated with email and precious stones.
Pala d'Oro
  • Door of the sacristy - (always locked) embellish Sansovino bronze plate, including his self-portrait and portraits of Titian and Aretino .
  • Dome of Pentecost  - has a beautiful mosaic with Christ glory. Decorate huge central dome. That remarkable act made by mletaks masters from 13 th century, with strong influence on art and arhitecture of Bizant.
Dome of Pentecost
  • Sacrament of the altar - surrounded by mosaics of Jesus parables and miracles, and originates from late 12th of the 13th the century.

Mosaics of Jesus 
  • Treasury - storage of precious war booty from Constantinople , contains a treasure trove of old Italian works of art like these censers of incense from the 12th or 13 the century.
  • literature: Žderić D., Glamuzina D., Karabatić I., Žderić I., Kozole L., Baniček M., i Šarić I. Venecija i Veneto - Eyewitness travel guide: Venecija dio po dio - San Marco. ISBN/EAN: 9789531200479.  Zagreb: Profil International, 2005., 80. -

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