Pala d`Oro 
                                                    PALA D`ORO                              
  • Behind the Chapel of St. Clement sold tickets for the most valuable treasure of San Marco: Pala d'Oro. These gems sprinkled altarpiece located behind the main altar is made up of 250 enamel paints on the gold foil inside the gilded silver Gothic frame. Originally commissioned in Byzantium 976th year. Treasure was painting and embellishing is over a century. After the fall of the Venetian Republic, Napoleon took something precious, but the picture still dazzles, pearls, rubies, sapphires and amethysts.
  • The Iconostasis, a partition separates the nave of the chapel, decorated with marble Gothic statues of the Virgin with the Apostles, and was made by 1394th  brothers Dalle Masegne. Above the altar is an impressive canopy of green marble columns support the finely carved from alabaster, with scenes from the New Testament.
Tintoretto - "Silazak u Pakao"

  • Baptistery, closed to the public, in the 14th century gave the upgrade Doge Andrea Dandolo (1343 - 1354) who was buried here. According to his instructions, baptistery was decorated with outstanding mosaics with scenes from the life of Jesus and John the Baptist. Sansovino, who designed a baptistery, was buried beneath the altar.
  • Adjacent Zeno Chapel (currently closed to the public) was originally part of the lobby. It became a funerary chapel for Cardinal Zen 1504th as compensation for his legacy of Venetian Republic.
  • Chapel of St. Isis in the left nave basilica, which is usually open only for worship, was also built by Dandolo. Mosaics on the barrel vault tell the story of this saint, whose body was stolen from the island of Chios, and were transported to Venice 1125th year. On his left is the Chapel Mascolo (men) adorned with scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary. The altar statues of the Virgin and Child between St. Marc and St. John.
  • In the third chapel on the left is an icon of the Madonna of Nikopea, stolen 1204th year, and before that was carried into battle at the head of the Byzantine army.

  • literature: Žderić D., Glamuzina D., Karabatić I., Žderić I., Kozole L., Baniček M., i Šarić I. Venecija i Veneto - Eyewitness travel guide: Venecija dio po dio - San Marco. ISBN/EAN: 9789531200479.  Zagreb: Profil International, 2005.,

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