• Dome of the Spirits - presenting descent of the Holy Spirit as a dove, and probably the first dome decorated with mosaics.
Descent of the Holy Spirit
  • Sv. Marco and angels - statues at the top of the central arch were added to the early 15 th century.

Sv. Marco and angels

  • Horses of St. Marca - four horses of gilded bronze copy of the originals which are kept in the Basilica .
Horses of St. Marc
  • The main portal -in the central arch are sculptured works per month to the 13th century. Vintager is September
The main portal
  • The mosaics on the facade - mosaic from the 17th century shows the smuggling of the body of St. Marc in Alexandria - apparently at the pieces of pork curious to terrorize Muslims.
Smuggling of the body of St. Marc in Alexandria 
  • The chalice - elegant alabaster pillars of the ciborium decorated with scenes from the New Testament
  • Dome of Pentecost - has a beautiful mosaic of the 13th century with Christ surrounded by angels, the twelve apostles and the Virgin Mary .
Christ surrounded by angels, the twelve apostles and the Virgin Mary
  • The body of St.. Marc - who was believed to have been destroyed by fire in 976th year, reportedly resurfaced when the new church dedicated to 1094th year. The remains were placed in the altar.
    The body of St.. Marc
    • Tetras - This group of sculptures from the porphyry (Egypt, 4th century), believed to be a Diocletian, Maximilian, Valerian and Constantine . They were tetrarsi appointed by Diocletian to help him rule the Roman Empire .
    Tetras and Pilasters of acra
    • The so-called pilasters of Acre - is actually from the church (6th century) in Constantinople
    • Mosaics in Baptistère - Herod's banquet (1343 - 1354), one of the mosaics in the life cycle of Sv. John the Baptist .

    Herod's banquet
    • literature: Žderić D., Glamuzina D., Karabatić I., Žderić I., Kozole L., Baniček M., i Šarić I. Venecija i Veneto - Eyewitness travel guide: Venecija dio po dio - San Marco. ISBN/EAN: 9789531200479.  Zagreb: Profil International, 2005., 78. -       

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