• Basilica you can`t see the ease in just one visit. Mosaics, a rich treasure of oriental treasures, unusually light and sheer size of the Basilica at first cause a feeling confuse. Visit Basilica in several times, preferably at different times of day. Mosaics look especially nice when the church was fully illuminated (11:30 to 12:30 Mon - Fri., 11.30 - 16 Sat, 14-16 Sun.). Visitors in organized tours often lead to the Pali d'Oro and the treasury, and miss the other parts of the church. You can avoid the crowds if you arrive early in the morning or evening. If you run into an organized tour, you are expected to be quiet, and you will see only some parts.


    • THE DOMES, WALLS AND FLOOR of the Basilica covers more than 4000 sq m glittering golden mosaics. The oldest, dating from the 12th century, were the work of artists from the East. Their techniques have been taken over by the Venetian masters, a gradual and decoration, combining Byzantine inspiration with western influences. During the 16th century, sketches and drawings of Tintoretto, Tizian, Veronese and other leading artists are reproduced in the mosaics. 
    • The original iconographic scheme, which shows the story from the Old and New Testament has been preserved a careful restoration of a greater or lesser extent. Among the most beautiful mosaics are those that decorate the central dome of the Pentecost of the 13th century and mosaics of the Dome of the Spirits of the 12th century. Pavimento,Basilica`s floor, it spreads like a wave of Turkish carpets.
    • The mosaics, made of marble, porphyry and glass were used to create complex colorful geometric patterns and scenes of beautiful beasts and birds. Some of these scenes are allegorical. The one in the transept with two roosters carrying a fox on a stick, is made as a symbol of vigilance that beats finesse. 

      Main portal - mosaics
               LOBBY (VESTIBUL)

      Old Testament
      • Mosaics from the 13th century to adorn the dome, arches and lunettes lobbies are among the finest in the Basilica. Scenes from the Old Testament story begins on the south end of the dome of Genesis (which has 26 detailed episodes of the Creation of the world) to the story of Joseph and Moses in the domes at the north end. 
      • Saints on either side of the main portal date from the 11th century and are among oldnes mosaics in the church. In front of the central portal of the rhombus of porphyry, which marks the place where the emperor Fredrich Barroso was forced to make peace with Pope Alexander III.

      • literature: Žderić D., Glamuzina D., Karabatić I., Žderić I., Kozole L., Baniček M., i Šarić I. Venecija i Veneto - Eyewitness travel guide: Venecija dio po dio - San Marco. ISBN/EAN: 9789531200479.  Zagreb: Profil International, 2005.,

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