Basilica di San Marco

Inside the Basilica

  • Of dark, mysterious and rich booty from the conquests of war, the Basilica is a unique blend of Eastern and Western influences. The Oriental extravagance, during the 6 th century, nice with beautiful mosaics, marble and sculptures, was the appropriate place for the ceremony Serenissima.
  • Here is the post-election doge was presented town, here were received city leaders, popes, princes and ambassadors, and the captains of the ships came to pray for protection before setting sail on an epic journey.
  • literature: Žderić D., Glamuzina D., Karabatić I., Žderić I., Kozole L., Baniček M., i Šarić I. Venecija i Veneto - Eyewitness travel guide: Venecija dio po dio - San Marco. ISBN/EAN: 9789531200479.  Zagreb: Profil International, 2005.,
  • Church authorities in Rome took a dim view of Venice`s tendency to glorify itself and God in the same breath, but Venice finished San Marco as it saw fit: the basilica`s grand East - meets - West cosmopolitan style includes Eastern onion - bulb domes, a Greek cross layout, Gothic arches, and dizzying puzzle - work floors made from Egyptian marble. The roped - off circuit of the church is free and takes about 15 minutes; going through twice is recommended to recover from the initial astonishment. The Loggia dei Cavalli is worth a look for its views over Piazza San Marco, but the alabaster chalices and icons in the Treasury can`t quite compare to the exquisite enamel miniatures on the bejewelled Pala d`Oro altarpiece.  
    Note that you`ll need to be dressed modestly (ie knees and shoulders covered) to enter the basilica, and large bags must be left around the corner at Ateneo di San Basso (9:30am - 5:30pm). ALISON BING
Basilica di San Marco

    literature: Bing Alison. Venice Encounter: Sestieri - San Marco. ISBN 9781741049978. London: Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd ABN36005607983, 2009., 41 -
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